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Three photos: the front facade of the Priory, the bay of Talloires, the European Center sign in Talloires

For over forty years, the Tufts European Center has brought outstanding students, faculty, and honored guests to Talloires to exchange ideas and engage in discussions about the most important matters of our time. 

Our magnificent building, once part of a Benedictine monastery, is an ideal backdrop. With its rich history and noble legacyit lends itself beautifully to study, contemplation, reflection, and exploration. 

As young people navigate an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, providing them a sense of cultural awareness is our way of ensuring them a better future and hopefully, a more peaceful society. The lives of the MacJannets were marked by the political and economic upheavals of the last century. Their response was to direct their energies towards bringing people from different cultures together, to help them live and learn together so that they could find their common humanity, and so that international understanding could flourish. 

The European Center’s summer academic programs in Talloires provide students with experiences that transform them and their sense of place in the world. We help them explore important issues while they experience life immersed in a new and different culture. Students are engaged both inside and outside of the classroom with courses that take advantage of the natural and cultural riches of Talloires, the Haute-Savoie, and France.  Our students are acutely aware of the need to cultivate and promote international understanding and they are hungry to engage as global citizens. 

The Tufts European Center in Talloires also plays an important role as a cultural center for Talloires and the surrounding area. We are honored each year to welcome local community members to our building for lectures, concerts, and other cultural events.   

Facilitating international exchange and developing educated, engaged, and responsible citizens is both the legacy and the mission of the Tufts European Center. We invite you to be a part of what we do – as a participant, a visitor, or a supporter.