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The ways that racial and ethnic identities are defined and understood vary by culture. In France, you may be identified with existing cultural or ethnic groups, or you may be considered as an American first, and your ethnic or racial identity will be secondary. You may have to think about your identity in a new way, through the lens of France’s historical and social context.

Researching France in advance can provide a better understanding of potential attitudes towards race and ethnicity in general, and your own identities specifically.  Here are some questions to consider before you come to Talloires:

  • Where do people of your race/ethnicity fit into French society?
  • Are you likely to be a target of racism/classism in France?
  • What is the history of ethnic or racial tension in France?
  • Is the situation currently hostile to members of a minority race, majority race, or ethnicity or religion?
  • Are there laws in France governing race relations? Ethnic relations? What protections are offered to ethnic or racial minorities?
  • How are issues of racism/ethnic discrimination influenced by immigration and its history in France?
  • How do politicized immigration concerns fuel racial tensions in the current climate?

While these links are not necessarily specific to Talloires or France, they will provide additional insight and additional resources. We highly encourage you to check them out, as well as other resources that are available on the internet.

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