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Tufts in Annecy courses

Each CILFA course that is taken through Tufts in Annecy is the equivalent of one Tufts course (usually 3 or 4 semester hours of credit at other universities). All CILFA teachers have graduated from French universities and are qualified teachers of French as a Foreign Language (FLE). French language instruction is offered to students at all levels, beginner through advanced. However, Tufts credit is awarded only to students enrolled in levels equivalent to French 1 through 4 at Tufts University. Level is determined by placement test, regardless of the number of years of previous language study. A description of the French Levels at Tufts can be accessed

Tufts French Levels 1 – 4:
French 1: Elementary French I
This course is best suited for students with one semester of college French or previous French study who wish to achieve an active command of the language. This course teaches the fundamentals of reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. Listening comprehension and oral ability are stressed daily.

French 2: Elementary French II
This course should be considered the second half of a first year college level cours pratique. This course advances the study of basic grammar, fosters the development of vocabulary, and broadens the range of situations in which the student can understand and communicate information.

French 3: Intermediate French I
This course reviews and continues the presentation of French grammar with attention to all four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The course goal is to develop fluency and functional use of language.

French 4: Intermediate French II
This course continues grammar review with emphasis on fluency and accuracy of expression. Prose is read for development of vocabulary, with attention to tone and style. Classroom discussions and written compositions are frequent.