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Talloires isn’t just a place that I’ve studied and worked. It’s a second home. I was captivated by the magical village when I arrived as a student in 2011. The close-knit community shares a taste of the Haute Savoie with a group of 80 American college students each summer. As a member of the Tufts Cycling Team, I brought my bike overseas, and between classes, I explored the French Alps on two wheels, tracing the historic roads used each summer in the Tour de France. Bernard and his iconic moustache led us on weekly hikes through alpine meadows. I fulfilled requirements for my community health major, and I lived with a gracious French host family that introduced me to a menagerie of French cuisine. 

When I was hired the following three summers as a seasonal staff person, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the program that gave so much to me the previous summer… and couldn’t complain about spending my off time exploring the mountains on my bike. But as much as I felt like my role was to help the European Center and their programming, the Tufts European Center and this little village kept on giving. I made lifelong friendships with coworkers that I still cherish today. The French townspeople, who were strangers just a year prior, were now people I said hello to by first name. Subsequently, I completed 4 stages of the Tour de France as part of an annual amateur race series that follows the same route as the pros. To fuel my training, I became a self-professed amateur sommelier of Savoie wine and connoisseur of the regional cuisine. Most of all, I found a place that feels like home whenever I come back to visit.  

The Tufts European Center and this tiny village are selfless. They constantly give, share, and do. And for this, I will be forever grateful for the generous opportunities that Talloires and the Tufts European Center have provided me and every student that spends a summer calling Talloires home. 

A reflection from Randy and Kini, Taylor’s parents 

As parents, it’s always great to see your child enthused about something.  When Taylor first went to the Tufts European Center in Talloires as a student, we had the pleasure of visiting with him there when his classes ended. He was full of stories – instant memories – of the many great things he did that summer: hikes and cycling in the Alps, outings to neighboring Annecy and other towns, and a sense of great camaraderie with fellow students and staff of the program.  What a great experience he had!  

We were fortunate to get to visit Talloires several times over the years. Now we can speak to the wonder of Talloires and the surrounding French Alps. When you arrive in Talloires, you feel a sense of peace, an embrace from the whole surrounding area… the small village, mountains, the lake, and the people. It is a truly magical place with wonderful mountain roads, activities, great food, and lots of charm. Talloires, along with the Tufts European Center, provide a wonderful opportunity to experience local culture. We are so grateful for the strong connection to Talloires and the Tufts European Center.