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At the European Center of Tufts University, we believe in unlocking doors to transformative educational experiences. This collage of heartfelt reflections from our scholarship recipients is evidence of the pivotal role that access to such opportunities plays in shaping the minds and futures of our students.  

Each year, we witness how these opportunities open pathways and turn aspirations into tangible realities, fostering a world of enlightened and empowered individuals. The narratives below are a testament to discovery, growth, and inspiration, all made possible through your generous support.  


“My experience in Talloires was transformative in a variety of ways. My confidence, speaking ability, and understanding of the French language improved, and as I plan my career for after I graduate this Spring... My confidence and independence as a student and as an individual also improved during my time in Talloires, and I hope that many future Tufts students will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the program provides.”

- Caroline D., Tufts in Talloires ’23  


“Through the Tufts European Center, I was given the opportunity to explore and experience small towns in France with guidance that would not be possible without the program. I literally travelled to new heights! Before my trip, I had never seen mountains so tall. In my time in the Alps, I hiked many times... The intimacy of the program allows for each student to receive the attention they require to make the most of the experience whether that is French language help or emotional support through the frequently challenging transition that is living in a foreign country.”

- Augustine T., Tufts in Annecy, ’23   


“Something entirely unexpected for me was that living in Talloires allowed me to develop a deep appreciation and love for the outdoors. Never would I have thought that I would want to go hiking or biking! In fact, my fondest memory is biking around Lake Annecy during the last weekend of the program. Even though I had been in Talloires for almost six weeks at that point, over the course of six hours, I saw the region from a completely different perspective, taking the opportunity to stop at bike cafes and small beaches that I would not have otherwise seen. Now that I am back in the United States, I still see the ways that living and studying in Talloires have shaped my perspectives and interests.”

- Brian F., Tufts in Talloires ’23   


I was able to benefit from attending Tufts in Talloires by immersing myself in French culture through staying with a host family and exploring the region of France we were in. I enjoyed my time learning and taking Tufts classes but learning through an international lens whether it was Sociology of Travel and Tourism or Community Health. I am able to have engaging conversations with people due to my experience and I am very grateful for it!” 

- Ishka G., Tufts in Talloires ‘23 


“I started studying the French language for the first time knowing only the word ‘Bonjour’ my first semester at Tufts. Looking back at it, I came into college mainly relieved at being one of the few international students lucky enough to even go to their college that fall. After 6 months of sitting at home, I was in the States where the chance of even having classes in person seemed like another world away. French was my only in person class that semester and little did I know what a big impact it would have on my life. Little did I imagine that 2 years later I would be living with two complete strangers in a small town in France, drinking wine after meals and paragliding across beautiful lakes.“ 

- Krish S., Tuft in Talloires ‘22 


“My time in Talloires took me across an all-encompassing journey by introducing me to so many new things. My host family was so welcoming and excited to share France with me and also get to know me at the same time… The Talloires programs offered so much more through its unique classes, specialized to where we were learning. My memories of walking through fields with other students learning new flowers will stick with me forever. Additionally, I have made lasting friendships with many of the other students, allowing the Tallories experience to surpass its 6-week duration. Meeting so many new people both from France and from Tufts, broadened my world view, and helped me grow as a person.”

- Holden K., Tufts in Talloires ‘23 


 “While taking two Tufts courses, I lived abroad with a host family in Annecy where I was able to delve into French culture. I learned about sustainability, and cultural values, and enjoyed a blend of classic French and African-inspired dishes. Studying abroad was a transformative experience for me, as I took courses exploring African American expatriates in France and the world history of Christianity... Inspired to delve deeper into French culture, I am currently exploring postcolonial francospheres studies. My international experience has significantly shaped my career goal of pursuing medicine, enhancing my understanding of patient care, cultural competency, and the importance of accessibility in healthcare.” 

- Rebecca M., Tufts in Talloires ‘23 


“Everything about the program will remain a highlight in my mind, from my relationship with my host family to the warm environment of the European Center and its staff, to the near-daily trips to swim in Lac d’Annecy. Hiking, cooking, singing, relaxing, and exploring the Haute-Savoie region with my host family showed me a way to live that I hope I can echo in my life after graduation. At the priory, I took Flowers of the Alps and France in Antiquity, and I was enamored in the immersive link between my courses and the region around me... [Tufts in Talloires] gave me countless opportunities to engage with a new part of the world and learn about myself, and I have come home with a journal full of warm memories and an international connection that I could not have imagined before I left.” 

- Luke P., Tufts in Talloires ‘23 


“To this day, I think those couple weeks in the French Alps are the happiest I've ever been. I made some of my best friends on the trip and although many have already graduated, I still keep in touch with them.  Although the classes were great, it was really the Priory, the people and the cities that we visited that made my experience what it was.  There is something magical about that [Priory] and I hope that many more Tufts students will continue to make history by attending the program.”  

- Miguel R., Tufts in Talloires, ’22  


“Studying abroad gave me the confidence to believe that I can live in a foreign place, where they speak a language, I don’t know, and still make lifelong memories and incredible connections. After only six weeks, I left Talloires with a second pair of parents and multiple friendships that I have taken back to Tufts. The community is so incredibly special to me... [one] that has shown me the beauty in taking risks, in exploring all that the world has to teach me, and in how easy it can be to connect with others who may seem on the surface to be so different from myself.” 

- Lauren S., Tufts in Talloires, ‘23