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Gabriella Goldstein (Director) and the Tufts Summit Faculty.

Every July, the Tufts European Center brings out a secret weapon that we call “Dr. K.” For those who have not participated in our Tufts Summit program, “Dr. K” is Dr. Angela Kachuyevski who for the last 22 years, has taught “International Relations in a Changing World” to our Tufts Summit students.  

Tufts Summit is the European Center’s academic program for rising high school juniors and seniors that takes place every July. In addition to Professor Kachuyevski’s course on International Relations, our Tufts Summit students take a French language and culture class that complements their homestay experience. 

A graduate of the Tufts Fletcher School and currently Associate Professor of Political Science, Angela has spent her life immersed in the field of international relations.  Under her expert guidance, Tufts Summit-ers embark on a rigorous academic journey that introduces them to the foundational theories and critical policy debates within the discipline of International Relations (IR).  Through lectures, discussions, and critical research essays, Angela encourages her students to explore and articulate their positions on major IR challenges, fostering a deep understanding of the subject matter.  

Her energetic teaching style, her expertise and her dedication to the Tufts Summit program has inspired two decades of Tufts Summit students to continue on to careers at the State Department, the foreign service and many other international positions.  

Angela Kachuyevski with a student in the MacJannet Hall at the Priory. 

“Talloires is a truly magical place that offers Summit students the ideal environment for a life changing educational experience,” Angela reflected recently. “The rigor of the classroom exists within a friendly, family-style atmosphere that fosters a tight-knit community. Working with Summit students is one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable. “ 

Through crisis simulations, Dr. K places students in real-life scenarios, having them assume roles within the United Nations Security Council or the U.S. National Security Council, and tackling real-world issues from climate change to historic decisions on NATO expansion. These simulations, coupled with debates on topics such as the spread of liberal democracy and the implications of great power wars, provide students with a hands-on approach to understanding and analyzing global affairs. 

The course is designed not only to challenge students but also to equip them with the analytical tools necessary for a successful post-secondary study in this ever-evolving and necessary field.   

Professor Kachuyevski’s commitment to developing students’ skills in critical thinking, argumentation, and empirical analysis is evident in every aspect of the course, making it an invaluable part of the Tufts Summit Program. 

Join us in celebrating the impactful work of Professor Angela Kachuyevski and the unique learning opportunities presented in “International Relations in a Changing World.” Discover more about how this course prepares students to navigate and contribute to the field of International Relations with insight, creativity, and conviction.